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Episode “Orange You Glad You’re in Flavortown”
Chefs begin by making their best comfort dish with a not-so-comforating 5 ingredients or less! Next, there’s a red light special on orange juice that chefs must incorporate intoa a cocktail and their brunch dish! Then, it’s time for an outrageous game of musical carts as the finalists attempt to shop for a dynamite dinner while repeatedly swapping carts. The winner goes on the ultimate shopping spree to rack up to $20,000.

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Episode “Daring Kitchen Duos”
Chefs who are partners in and out of the kitchen join forces to make an elevated classic duo using the dreaded duo of frozen and canned food. Next, the pairs make a soup and sandwich using ingredients that have to begin with one of two letters in ABC. In the final game, partners tag team as they shop and cook their best surf and turf in hopes of going on a shopping spree for two worth up to $20,000!

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Episode “Triple G Chefs: Next Generation”

Talented young chefs with dreams of a bright culinary career are putting their skills to the test. They first go on a scavenger hunt to find the required ingredients for their hot lunch. Next, the chefs must express their kitchen style in a dinner with bacon using the express lane’s 7-item limit. Finally, our fresh-faced chefs fight the bizarre items picked by the Food Pyramid to make a classic. One chef’s youthful talent will lead to an exciting shopping spree for big money.

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Christy Vega

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Make a Mexican meal with molcajete, tortilla soup,and more…
Christy Vega Fowler of Casa Vega restaurant in Los Angeles shows you how to make a Mexican feast with molcajete and tortilla soup. Top it all off with a margarita!

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A Successful L.A. Mexican Restaurant’s Glamorous Hollywood History

As a child, it was not out of the ordinary for Christy Vega to work at her family’s California restaurant and see Marlon Brando at one table and Cary Grant at another. Celebrities put on the map during the golden age of Hollywood, and the popularity of the Mexican restaurant has continued to this day.

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NBC Latino – Holiday recipe: traditional tamales

Christy Vega Fowler has hot sauce in her blood. She’s the owner of Casa Vega, a well-known Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA. Vega Fowler took the reins from her father, Rafael Vega about four years ago, but Casa Vega has been serving patrons in the Los Angeles area for almost 60-years. Vega Fowler comes from a long line of restaurant owners. Her grandparents migrated from Tijuana, Mexico in the 1920’s, and opened their first restaurant, ‘Café Caliente’ on LA’s historic Olvera Street in the early 1930s.

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MI CASA, SU CASA We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—with the season of holiday binge eating upon us, you’ve got to start thinking about when you can fit in a healthy meal or two. We also know it’s hard to give up your local haunt, which is why we were surprised to find out about Casa Vega’s healthier alternatives.

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