Dressing the part

I love a party, whether it is super casual or black tie. Showing up appropriately dressed always feels good. Be smart and take cues from the invitation, especially the location and time of day. Also, pay attention if a dress code is noted. If your host makes the special effort to include a dress code, it’s rude not to follow it.

Take time to think of the company you are going to be with. You will want to dress differently for Easter with the family than dinner at the hottest new restaurant in town. Don’t forget to look up the weather. You’ll want to know if you need a sweater for a chilly evening.

Think of what you will be doing. That will dictate what type of shoe you decide to go with. Heels will look silly at a pool party. It’s also a little nod of appreciation to your host by showing up in clean, appropriate clothes. No one wants to see your dirty gym shoes (no matter how comfortable) at a cocktail party.

In today’s world you make an impression in a fraction of a second and your appearance will do most of the talking. Wrinkled, baggy and out of date clothes will only send the message you shouldn’t be taken seriously and you do not have your act together. Check out a few looks for different parties… casual jeans and a t-shirt for a casual BBQ with friends, a statement necklace to funk up a cocktail dress, a comfortable dress for a dinner party at home